I think it’s important that before you all learn anything about me, you should know my name is not Gypsy nor is it Rose; it’s Jenna. The reason why I chose Gypsy Rose as my blog name is because from the time I was a child to now, I’ve loved everything gypsy-related, from the word itself to the image that first comes to mind when you hear it and even to my obsession with the Gypsy Queen herself, Stevie Nicks. I also adored the name Gypsy Rose ever since I saw the movie Gypsy when I was younger and so when I was thinking of an Instagram handle one day, that was the first name that popped into my mind; and thus the Gypsy Rose Tarot Blog was born!

I have always been drawn to the art of the tarot since I can remember. There was just this instant allure and attraction towards the mysterious depictions represented on the cards as well as the prospect of learning divination. However, my mother had warned me that although she believed in “psychics” and “fortune telling,” she made it very clear that it was considered “wrong” and against what was taught to us by the church (she no longer thinks this way and hasn’t for some time). For years afterwards I associated tarot reading or anything “magic” related as, although not evil, something that I had no business of getting involved in so I stayed away from it for a very long time.

More recently, I decided to abandon these fears and explore my interest in tarot due to a very dear friend who gave me my very first reading. She is absolutely incredible at what she does and I quickly realized that there was nothing to be afraid of; the tarot are just cards and it’s the intention of the reader and/or querent that impacts its “good” or “bad” energy. I, of course, soon bought a deck of my own (which quickly turned into many decks) and fell in-love with every aspect about the tarot. It’s helped me tremendously to better understand complex situations as well as to sort out difficult feelings that I otherwise wouldn’t normally be able to consciously process.

Tarot reading is truly therapeutic and something that I could never live without. My goal with this blog is to share my experiences with all of you and to show how easy and effective it is to incorporate the art of the tarot into your life. Although tarot reading is part of my spiritual practice and something that I believe helps with developing one’s intuition, that doesn’t mean it has to be the same for you. From a strictly psychological perspective, tarot cards are great with identifying unconscious emotions or ideas that may have been suppressed for some time so they can easily be used for therapeutic/meditative purposes just as it can to enhance one’s spirituality.

I look forward to sharing my journey with all of you and I hope my writings will be useful for yours! 🙂

Love and Light,



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