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Deck: Everyday Witch Tarot


Hey everyone! I hope you enjoyed reading Chinggay Labrador’s blog over at Practical Magic! Next up is the 5 of Pentacles! I’m gonna be honest…I initially was disappointed that I was given this card for the blog hop. I mean, who likes the 5 of Pentacles? I know that I cringe every time I see this bad boy show up in one of my readings. However, after a moment of sulking, I starting thinking about the underlying message of this seemingly “negative” card, which is all about “turning your lemons into lemonade.” So, with keeping that in mind, I chose to give you guys a tarot spread AND an accompanying activity that not only helps you identify what you need “more of” in your life, but also how you can manifest it. I hope you all enjoy!

Feng Shui Tarot Spread and Room Layout:

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 6.10.36 PM

Spread Directions:

1. Deal the cards in the following order: South, Northeast, West, Northwest, Center, Southeast, East, Southwest, and North.

2. With each card, ask the question, “What does this part of my life look like and how can I improve it?”

3. After analyzing each of your cards, follow the Feng Shui directions below to re-evaluate and re-organize the layout of your house/room in order to increase the flow of those specific aspects into your life.

Feng Shui Directions:

NOTE: These directions will be in reference to “Feng Shuiing” one room, but if you would rather Feng Shui your house as a whole, that is perfectly fine too.

1. Before you officially begin, get out your smart phone or laptop, open up the “compass” app (if using a laptop, look up “google compass”) and stand in the center of the room you want to Feng Shui. Take a moment to identify where North/west/east, South/west/east, West and East is in that specific space.

2. Start working on the SOUTHERN part of the room; as you can see on the Tarot spread layout, the South works in conjunction with your career and is connected to the element of water, which can help money and opportunities flow more easily to you. You can choose to place a small aquarium, mini-fountain (e.g. like the tiny ones they sell at Pier One), a mirror, or any type of art that has wavy or “free-form” shapes that mimics the flow of water. Make sure you don’t go overboard with this element (or any element you’ll use); too much of it can make you feel too sensitive and too little can make you feel anxious and overwhelmed.

3. Next go to the NORTHEASTERN part of the room, which corresponds to marriage and relationships and is made up of both earth and fire elements. These elements are necessary for your relationship to be grounded and stable as well as passionate and loving. You can incorporate some candles, lamps, natural sunlight (all fire related), square/rectangular shapes, low, flat surfaces, and/or images of earthy landscapes (all earth related). Remember, it’s all about balance. Too much fire = aggression/irritability, too little = coldness, lack of self-esteem and vision. Too much earth = sluggishness and boredom. Too little = disorganized, unfocused and chaotic.

4. Walk over to the WESTERN part of the room, which is related to your family as a whole and is connected to the element of wood to help ensure growth, birth, strength, flexibility, and understanding among all members of your family. You can choose to place fresh or silken flowers, plants, and/or wood furniture here. Too much wood = becoming too rigid and stubborn, too little = depression, apathy, and stagnancy.

5. Move up to the NORTHWESTERN part of the room, which is connected to your wealth and finances and is made up of the elements wood and water. Similar to your family and career, these elements are necessary for ensuring that money flows steadily into your home and creates a stable environment for you and your family. Incorporate a balanced combination of the wood and water suggestions that were mentioned earlier.

6. Head to the SOUTHEASTERN part of the room, which is connected to travel, helpful people, and compassion and is associated with the element of metal. This element is useful for these specific areas of your life because it creates an environment of mental clarity, logic, organization, focus, empathy, and analytical abilities (i.e. it helps you make the right decisions, especially when trying to determine what types of people should be in your life). Incorporate round/oval shapes, anything made of metal (e.g. iron, aluminum, gold, silver, etc.), rocks/stones/crystals, or even just using white, gray, silver, or pastel colors. Too much metal = overly critical and prone to speaking without thinking, too little = too cautious and lacking focus.

7. The EASTERN part of the room is connected to your children (animal children count) and is also associated with the element of metal, so the same instructions to Feng Shui the Southeastern side of the room also applies for here as well.

8. The SOUTHWESTERN part of the room is next, which is connected to skills and talents with the element of earth. This is so you will feel grounded and confident with your unique abilities and it will also allow you to grow and foster them in order to make them stronger. Refer back to the instructions for the Western side of the room in order to determine what earth-based items need to appear here as well.

9. And finally, head over to the NORTHERN part of the room, which deals with fame/recognition and is associated with the element of fire. Although I mentioned earlier that fire was connected to romantic passion, it also encourages expressiveness, inspiration, and boldness, all of which will ensure that you will be recognized in the areas of your life that are the most important to you. Again, refer back to the instructions for the Western side of the room in order to determine what fire-based items need to appear here as well.

I hope you all have been enjoying this blog hop! Please visit Heather Schmitt-Gonzalez’s blog at All Roads Lead to the Kitchen for the next next amazing blog in the hop. Thank you for reading!



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