You Are a Phoenix


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One of my favorite mythological creatures is, and has always been, the phoenix, which some of you may know as Dumbledore’s pet from the Harry Potter books and movies. However, for those of you who don’t know what a phoenix is, it’s a big and beautiful fictional bird that is supposed to live for several hundreds years. This bird eventually dies (hey, even mythical creatures don’t live forever), but the death in itself is not very peaceful because it literally explodes into a ball of flames and turns into a pile of ashes. Although this can be a jarring and most likely painful experience for the bird, something astonishing occurs once it dies; from the ashes, the phoenix is reborn, lovelier and more brilliant than before, and the cycle of life starts all over again. It’s a wonderful allegory about violent endings and fresh beginnings that we as humans experience many times throughout our lives and I think it perfectly describes what I want to share with you all today.

How many of you have started, or are currently starting, something new? Whether you’ve just begun a new career, been given a new position at your current job, entered a new phase of life, etc., you know that “growing pains” are a real thing in these situations and that it’s never as easy as some rare, over-night success stories make it initially seem. I’m currently in this position where I’ve just recently started a small business where I offer tarot readings and, although it’s been an extremely rewarding experience, there are days when worry and anxiety are my best friends. Now, I’ve put in a lot of time and effort in order to make sure these emotions don’t consume my thoughts without suppressing them and it usually works pretty well. However, once in a while something will trigger me to give into these fears and after feeling pretty crumby for a bit, I again try to build my confidence and strength back up in order to re-establish my foundation.

This old “song-and-dance routine” seemed to keep happening over and over again last week, but by Sunday afternoon, I felt pretty good about myself and my situation. I thought, “You know, regardless of when I start reading for more people, the important part is that I AM reading for others and I’m really helping them!” I had balanced myself out and I was excited for the upcoming week ahead; I even had an appointment scheduled! Then, later that day, my foundation started to crack and I felt the weight shift. I was asked to give a reading for someone I knew and I didn’t realize that this was someone who was a fairly big skeptic (not a problem, I just wish I had a “heads up” before the reading). As soon as I started explaining the cards to her, I could tell she was resistant. Instead of shrugging it off, I became intimated and felt I had to “prove” something to her, when in reality I really didn’t. She had already made up her mind prior to the reading and nothing I could have done before, during, or after would have changed her view about it.

However, it really got to me and it bothered me for days, but I didn’t know why! She didn’t mean anything by it and it certainly wasn’t personal, so why was I letting these emotions control me? I decided to get advice from my fiancé, who is always my “go to” anytime I’m confused about a situation. I kept expressing the same sentiment over and over again; “Why did she do that? Why didn’t she just tell me she was a skeptic? Why did she even want me to read for her?” Then, my wonderful, loving, and supportive husband-to-be said, “Hunny, I know you’re hurt, but I think this was a great lesson for you. Not everyone you meet is going to understand what you do, so they’re not going to see all of the good you do for other people as well. And you know what? That’s ok. This is going to give you tougher skin, so that when this does happen again, and trust me, it will, you can just brush it off. You know that the ones who love you recognize how what you do is beneficial and that’s all that matters. Everyone else is kind of irrelevant.” This didn’t necessarily heal my wounds in that moment, but it most certainly took the sting away and replaced my sadness and disappointment with confidence and contentment.

You see, it doesn’t matter what you do. Tarot reader, professor, counselor, yoga teacher, police officer, etc.; who cares? Are you happy? Do you feel fulfilled? Are you impacting other people’s lives? Good! You’re a minority in this world who we need more of because if we’re able to do something or be someone that can make this life a little less difficult, then I’d say you’re doing just fine. If people don’t support you and your endeavors or try to make you feel like what you do is somehow “not special”, then that’s their loss, not yours. The best thing you can do is shrug your shoulders, smile, and walk away because you know what the truth is. I mean, would you get angry or upset with someone if they told you that the sky is green when it’s clearly blue or that dinosaurs didn’t exist even though they’re are plenty of fossils to prove otherwise? No! You just laugh and say, “Ok! Whatever man..” It’s the same thing! You don’t have to prove anything to anyone unless it’s to yourself because honestly, that’s the only person who really matters when it comes to your happiness.


Doreen Virtue’s “Daily Guidance from Your Angels Oracle Cards”


If you’re currently going through an enormous upheaval, then…good. That means you’re alive and with that comes the surprising twists, turns, and drops of life. They’re not meant to scare or punish you; they’re meant to excite you and lead you to something better. Similar to the phoenix’s death, the process for your transition maybe painful, but you’ll rise out of your ashes so much stronger and more beautiful than you could have ever imagined.

Because the truth of the matter is, the phoenix isn’t really a myth; the phoenix, my friends, is you.



Tarot vs Oracle vs Lenormand


When I first began reading cards, I was completely oblivious to the fact that there were non-Tarot decks out there, so when I came across posts on Facebook and Instagram of people utilizing oracle and lenormand decks, my mind was blown. I thought, “What are these things? How are they different from Tarot? Are they better? Are they the same? Why would you even need them if you’re already reading Tarot?” I decided to do a little research on these “new” decks and what I found was…..hardly anything.  I mean, sure, I understood that they varied in the number of cards and interpretations, but no one could really explain why I should use one over the other for divinatory and/or personal growth purposes. So, I decided to find out for myself and I went down to my local New Age shop and purchased Doreen Virtue’s “Goddess Oracle.” I absolutely fell in-love with it and, over the following year, that one oracle deck turned into 3 more, plus a lenormand deck.

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After playing with and using them on a consistent basis, I’ve come up with my own interpretation as to the purposes of each deck, which I’m going to give you today since there maybe some of you out there who were once like me and are still stumped with what these things are and why you should even use them. Keep in mind, these might not be “traditional” explanations, so understand that what I’m going to write is solely based on my personal experience and knowledge with them. I hope you find the clarity you need and give all of these decks a try at least once!

Deck: Tarot de St. Croix

Tarot: I’m going to start off with a familiar beast; the Tarot. Most of you already know what this guy is all about. It has 78 cards, 22 Major Arcana (21 if you don’t count the Fool) and 56 Minor Arcana, the latter of which includes 4 suits (Wands/Fire, Swords/Air, Cups/Water, & Pentacles/Earth) that are numbered Ace-10 and have 4 court cards in each of those suits (Page, Knight, Queen, & King). Although some of these decks can vary, the amount of cards usually stay the same and typically follow (although not always) the Rider-Waite system.

Each card in the deck represents some type of archetypal situation and/or emotion that we as humans experience, both individually and collectively (e.g. birth, death, love, loss, good times, bad times, etc.). It doesn’t matter if you’re reading with a traditional RWS deck or with the revolutionary Dreams of Gaia Tarot, they essentially do the same thing, which is to help you navigate through the various stages in life that you are currently struggling with by giving you descriptions of what you need to know about yourself, your environment, and your situation. It can sometimes take a lot of concentration and patience to interpret these cards because they’re not always going to give you a direct answer; all they do is shine a light in the dark towards the direction you need to head in and everything else is up to you.

Deck: Keepers of the Light Oracle

Oracle: I’ve found that oracle cards can range from being very up-front to being very vague and the amount of cards, meanings, images, etc. differs from deck to deck. Similar to the Tarot, the messages usually pertain to positive and negative situations, experiences, and emotions we all usually are confronted with at one point or another in our lives. However, unlike the Tarot, they are a little easier to read (if not a lot easier), especially if there is a word or a “blurb” on the front of the card, next to the image. They are great for quick readings if you’re just wanting to pull one or two cards for that day or if you need some clarification after a tarot session. Decks that have cards with a short explanation as to what they mean on the front tend to be the easiest to understand because they’re direct and are therefore difficult to mis-interpret, unlike the cards in a Tarot deck, which can have multiple meanings regardless of whether or not they’re right-side up or reversed.

Some people don’t like these kinds of oracle decks and prefer ones that only have just a single word with the image since it allows them to utilize their intuition more as to what they think the card means in relation to the querent. For example, if a client pulled a card from my deck that had “Trust” written on it next to a picture of a woman alone in a forest, I could interpret it to mean that they needed to start trusting people more or else they’ll close themselves off to the world. On the flip side, if another client came in and pulled the exact same card, the interpretation may change and I would tell them not to be so trusting with others and to just be by yourself for a while. My explanation to the both of them would be completely based off of my own intuition since the cards reveal very little detail and are open to being interpreted anyway that I see fit. Regardless of an oracle’s presentation, I think it’s a great tool and I use it quite often, sometimes more so than Tarot, especially if I just need a general outlook for my day.

Deck: Maybe Lenormand

Lenormand: Finally, we have the lenormand deck, probably my least favorite of the three. Don’t let my opinion sway you though; many people swear by these cards and even like them more than the Tarot. Lenormand actually precedes the Tarot since it was created in the early to mid-19th century. It was named after Marie Anne Adelaide Le Normand who was one of the biggest fortune tellers in Europe at that time (legend has it she read for Empress Josephine and Napolean very often and even predicted the famous emperor’s eventual downfall), but she never read with the deck that’s available to us today. She originally used a combination of French and German playing-cards and it wasn’t until 3 years after her death that the lenormand deck was created. Unlike tarot and oracle decks, the number of cards (36) NEVER change and they have ZERO room for interpretation. The images and their brief meanings will ALWAYS be the same, so they’re very direct and provide a quick answer to your question (as long as you’re only doing 3 or 5 cards; a “Grand Tableau”, which is where you use all 36 cards, take a lot more time). You also read them differently than you do tarot and oracle cards, both of which use the same spreads.

For example, let’s say a client asks the question, “Why haven’t I met my soulmate yet?” and then they draw “The Book”, “The Ship” and “The Birds” from the deck. You’ll look at the card in the middle (“The Ship”) first because it’s the one that carries the most weight as to what that reason might be. Then, you need to read all 3 cards together like a storybook; first you find a connection between “The Book” and “The Ship”, then “The Ship” and “The Birds” and finally “The Book” and “The Birds”. All of this will end up revealing everything that person needs to know and how they can use that information to fix their situation. Honestly, I find lenormand cards to sometimes be…creepy. Not in an “evil” or “bad” way, but just because their descriptions, even though brief, are VERY direct and in your face. There’s no “going deep” with these cards; what you see is what you get and for me personally, that makes the whole divinatory process seem cold and mechanical. Now, I do have a lenormand deck and I use it every once in a while, but my heart belongs to tarot and oracle cards because they just have more warmth, heart, and depth that I need in my life right now.

Well, I hope that clears some things up and you have a better understanding of each of these decks and how they’re used. They all serve a similar purpose, so it really just comes down to what you like and have more of a connection with. Regardless of what you choose, I hope that your cards provide you and others the knowledge, inspiration, and compassion that’s needed to enhance and improve your lives.

Love and Light,

Gypsy Rose


Letting Go


Last week was kind of rough. During a hike with one of my closest friends, she revealed her frustrations to me in regards to myself, my fiancé, and a mutual friend of ours. While I initially planned to include what these frustrations were, I’ve opted not to go too deep into them because I believe they won’t add anything of value to the primary message of this post. At the end of the day, she views certain situations as one way and I see them as another, so if I include what these specific issues are, it’s only going to be from my perspective and I don’t want to make it seem as if I’m discounting what she’s feeling or going through right now.

However, what I can say is that I walked away that day feeling hurt and angry even though I knew she wasn’t coming from a bad place; she was just telling me how she had been feeling in regards to our friendship, which she had kept to herself for a long time. Still, I just couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened after I left because I was grappling with trying to merge my reality with hers and I was failing miserably at it.

I’m not one to brag, but one of my strengths is being able to empathize with others and try to see things from their point of view, no matter how I feel about the situation. Life is not black and white, it’s a shade of gray, so I have no qualms with finding SOMETHING to take responsibility for whenever my friends and I have a disagreement; after all, it takes “two to tango”. This time though…I don’t know… I just got so upset. I felt that I was the one who was constantly trying to understand her point of view, but anytime I would try and tell her what I thought was the truth of the matter, she would tell me, “No..I don’t think so” or “You don’t see what I see.” I just felt so…dismissed; that nothing I could say or do would change her mind and….that sucks. I think that’s why I kept replaying everything over and over in my head later because I felt that instead of making headway, we had come to a roadblock, something I had never expected from this friendship. We’ve been friends for almost 10 years; that’s like a marriage, and, like a lot of marriages, we’ve hit a rough patch.


Decks: Kyle Gray’s Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards and Doreen Virtue’s Archangel Oracle Cards


After taking some time to meditate, I was finally able to figure out the crux of the issue. I think that both of us believe we’re putting in more effort towards this friendship than the other, when in reality, it’s an equal amount, but it’s not in the way either of us need. In other words, we have different expectations of what a friendship should look like and because we’re not meeting each other’s expectations, we feel under appreciated and unheard.

I know that I could change if I really wanted to, but it wouldn’t be from a genuine place. It’s not because I’m being stubborn or selfish; I just don’t think I’m able to provide everything she might need from me at this time. I am who I am and I’m happy with that person. Will I always be there to support her, love her, listen to her, be a shoulder to cry on, etc? Absolutely. Will I always be able to see her every single week? Probably not. I want to, but it’s just not a guarantee because sometimes things come up or I just need a mental health day to recharge; it’s never personal or out of spite. With that being said, I’m also aware that she probably doesn’t want to change either and I’m not even sure if she’ll ever really understand the place I’m coming from. This leaves us at an impasse, so what do we do now?

Decks: Kyle Gray’s Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards and Doreen Virtue’s Goddess and Archangel Oracle Cards

The simple answer is, I don’t know. And you know what? That’s ok. It’s ok to not know what the future holds for our various interpersonal relationships. The best we can do or hope for is to move forward with them until one or both of us doesn’t feel like doing that anymore. My plan is to try and work through whatever issues we are having and probably force myself to have some tough conversations with her that we’ve avoided for months, if not years; things that in the past would be brought up in a round-about-sort-of way, but never stayed on for too long. It maybe an uncomfortable process and we may not come out the other side (fingers crossed we do), but it’ll be better for the both of us in the long-run. According to every card I drew from all of my Oracle decks in regards to how to handle this issue, I was continuously advised to communicate my emotions and feelings in a compassionate and loving way as long as I compassionately and lovingly listen to her concerns in return. I think I can handle that.

Decks: Kyle Gray’s Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards and Doreen Virtue’s Goddess and Archangel Oracle Cards


At this point, you’re probably wondering, “This was all fine and dandy, but how has what you’ve written connect to the title of this post if you’re not going to end or “let go of” the friendship?” Well, although letting go can often insinuate releasing someone or something from your life, it doesn’t necessarily have to. For instance, I’m choosing to let go of expectations that I have for her and for myself, both as individuals and as friends. I’m choosing to let go of who’s right and who’s wrong. I’m choosing to let go of allowing myself to feel anything negative about what’s going on or what could possibly happen to us in the future. I want nothing but the best for us, so whatever that’s supposed to look like, I’m determined to make it happen.

Remember, you always have a choice in a tough situation and it doesn’t necessarily have to require a sacrifice. It may feel kind of “yucky” or uncomfortable at first, but sometimes this can result in something better, stronger and more beautiful. As an old Buddhist proverb once said, “Just like the lotus, we too have the ability to rise from the mud, bloom out of the darkness, and radiate into the world.”

And with that being said, may all of you lotuses out there rise and bloom no matter the mud you’re currently in.


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Love and Light,

Gypsy Rose (Jenna)



What is Tarot Coaching?


Throughout the month of April and beginning of May, I was busy setting up my tarot reading shop and determining what type of services I’d like to offer. Although most of the spreads I chose are very effective and provide great feedback, I still felt like something was missing. So, I decided to go speak to a woman who regularly does intuitive readings (minus the cards) at a local shop in order to gain some more clarity. After only speaking to her for a few minutes, she looks up at me with a huge smile on her face and says, “Tarot coaching. I don’t know what that means, but that’s the direction you need to go in.” At first I was shocked. I thought, “Wow! That was oddly specific, especially since I hadn’t given her very much information beforehand.” It excited, yet confused me because although I now had some type of direction, I had ZERO clue as to what “tarot coaching” could possibly be.

After arriving home and letting my brain settle for a few hours, the lightbulb finally turned on and I knew exactly what the meaning of tarot coaching was and what it would mean for those who I would read for. Tarot coaching (TC) is a more interactive form of tarot reading and creates a collaborative relationship between the reader and the querent. A typical TC session can be either 30 or 60 minutes, must be face-to-face with the client (e.g. in-person or via Skype), consist of 3-4 cards in the spread, and is best for those who have questions about a specific issue and/or are at a cross-roads in some part of their life. Once the cards have been interpreted, the reader asks how the meanings of each card (or just the spread itself) relates to the client and both of them work together in order to figure out how that person can best move forward.

For example, let’s say I do a TC reading for someone who is conflicted about leaving their current job position in order to pursue a new career path, even though it may prove to be a big risk. The cards that pop up are the 8 of Cups, the Page of Pentacles, and the Wheel of Fortune, which tells me that they’ve been disappointed for a while, so much so that they’re willing to leave stability and security behind for something that brings them more emotional fulfillment. Currently, they’ve been coming up with a ton of new ideas in regards to a new project, business endeavor, education, etc. and if they act upon those ideas in a responsible, passionate, and dedicated manner, they may just prove to be successful. However, even though the Wheel can act in their favor as long as they have faith and remain open to the Universe, there are still some external factors that could easily swing it the other way, so any venture must be handled with great care and non-complacency.


Then, with the help of Spirit, we’d discuss how they felt about the results of the reading and we’d subsequently work together to come up with the literal steps they could take in order to achieve their goal(s). During this time, we would also discuss the “pros and cons” of the client’s potential decision of leaving their current position and the resulting positive and negative consequences. Although my intuition is heavily used during this process, I at no point would ever dictate what choice they should officially make because it is ALWAYS up to the client. My job is to simply present them with a couple of alternative scenarios and what would need to be done depending on the decision they’d make.

Note: I also want to heavily emphasize that, as my disclaimer/terms of conditions state, if I believe or sense the situation calls for medical, psychological, financial, and/or legal counseling, I will recommend that you seek those sources out before making any important decisions. 

I think TC is a really special way to use the Tarot in order to help the client since it’s so personal to them and their situation. Sometimes after a reading is given, the querent may understand and immediately connect with the interpretation of the cards, but that doesn’t mean they know what to do with that information. By using the Tarot and actively collaborating with the client in relation to how their plans should be carried out, the more likely that the they will make the necessary changes in their lives and be confident in the direction that they’re heading in. As the reader, you’ll feel a sense of pride and accomplishment because you were able to help someone move forward after weeks, if not months, of feeling stagnated.


So, if you’re interested, head over to the Tarot Readings section of this blog and make an appointment with me in order to receive guidance from the Tarot, myself, and Spirit, all of whom are ready, willing, and able to help you with whatever you need.

Love and Light,

Gypsy Rose (Jenna)



Beltane/May Day Tarot Reflections

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Ah! It’s finally here! Beltane, otherwise known as May Day (you know, that holiday where you dance around the May Pole?), has arrived and I couldn’t be happier, even though it’s pretty rainy and gloomy outside here in the Piedmont of North Carolina. This day is all about growth, renewal, honoring life, and turning our hopes and dreams into reality. Plus, it signifies that Summer is right around the corner, and I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to leave Winter behind for a good, long, while.

In honor of this day, I thought I would do my daily reading with a spread that highlights its main attributes, which is putting our ideas into action. However, this isn’t always easy to do; you may have the plan, but that doesn’t mean you know how to execute it. That’s why I love Ethony’s Sacred Flowers of Beltane Tarot Spread because it does just that! Not only is the spread deep and meaningful, but it’s also pretty adorable since it’s in the shape of the May Pole and each position is named after the commonly associated flowers of Beltane.

Image from

The first card (“Primrose”) is placed above all of the other cards and it asks what it is that still needs healing in our lives. The second (“Rowan”) and third (“Hawthorn”) are directly underneath Primrose (left and right, respectively) and requires us take responsibility and learn how to become “unstuck”, so we can move forward with our plans. The fourth (“Gorse”) card is below Rowan and Hawthorn and is placed in the center where it reveals what it is that needs to be given up in order to properly pursue our new goals. The 5th (“Hazel”) and 6th (“Marigold”) cards are placed on the left and right side of Gorse and compassionately shows us the doubts we may still have about this process and the strength that will help us to overcome those fears.

Just like the beginning of May, this spread felt like a breath of fresh air and was incredibly insightful. Below is the reading I did this morning. I hope you enjoy!

FullSizeRender (6)
Dreams of Gaia Tarot

What Do I Need To Heal? (4 of Air): Distractions and negative influences; old patterns and habits. Instead, establish a positive and productive routine that’s directly in line with your goals and projects.

What Do I Need To Take Responsibility For? (7 of Fire): Look within, trust intuition, and learn how to seek the answers you desire on your own.

How Can I Get Unstuck? (Queen of Air): Don’t let emotions cloud your judgment; be realistic and think things through carefully; use knowledge and intellect to plan, organize, and determine the best strategy to achieve your goals.

What Do I Need To Give Up On? (The Child): Self doubt, fear, worry; the idea that things are outside of my control (i.e. even if there’s not much I can do, I can still change my perspective towards it).

What Limitations Do I Still Believe? (The Sage): Self-defeating thoughts about not being knowledgeable enough or that I’m skilled and clumsy, especially in regards to my craft.

Where Can I Shine? (Ace of Water): Remove barriers and allow a loving experience/opportunity unfold that’s free of fear; use nervous excitement to pursue your heart’s desire and trust it will take you to where you need to go.

So, I encourage all of you to take some time to do a reading today that will bring light to whatever is going on in your life and use that information to help move you forward in the direction of love, prosperity, and abundance.

Love and light,

Jenna (Gypsy Rose)