Picture this: You’ve been going back and forth on what you should do about a specific issue for days (if not weeks) and you’re just not sure what decision you should make. Ahh!! But luckily there’s no need to worry because you got your handy, dandy, tarot cards, so you know that the right path will be revealed to you as soon as you sit down to do a reading. 2 hours, 3 tarot decks, and 1 oracle and Lenormand deck later, you’re still just as confused as ever because they all keep saying the same thing; nothing.

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This was me yesterday. I’m pretty sure I used up over half of my day trying to get a concrete answer and all I had to show for it was frustration and irritability. Was I doing something wrong? Did I not use the right deck? Do all of my decks need their energy to be cleared? *GASP!* Could I have possibly lost the ability to read the cards? Although the answer to all of those questions was a resounding, “NO!”, this type of situation is all too familiar for anyone who reads the Tarot (personally and/or professionally), regardless of how long or how intimately they’ve worked with their cards. So, what do you do when the cards reveal vague and seemingly irrelevant responses related to your inquiry?

The first thing you need to do is SRB; Stop, Relax, and Breathe. The more you force yourself to try and make sense of it, the further you move away from the the Tarot’s message, which causes both mental and physical tension that just continue to prevent you from “cracking the code”, so to speak. Take a deep breath, put away the cards, walk away, and try to make a strong attempt to not think about it until you’ve “cleared your head.” Once you’ve done this, sit down in a quiet area and allow your mind to return to the puzzling message you received earlier. It will probably still seem vague and confusing at first, but it’s essential you remain calm and understand that the message you received was, indeed, very significant.


You have to remember that the Tarot only reveals what you need to know or do in baby steps. For example, let’s say you’re looking for a job, so you do a 3-4 card spread to provide you any information regarding this process. However, all it says (no matter how many cards you pull) is that you need to give up “the old”, so there can be room for “the new”, use your knowledge and talents to move forward, and don’t be afraid. You’ll probably end up thinking, “Uhhh…what? I’m not afraid and there’s literally nothing I can think of that I need to get rid of!” But, if you take the time to SRB, you’ll realize that in order to receive more specific directions to solve your external issue, you have to move internally first, even if you think you don’t have to, because in reality, you probably do.

You see, the reason why we get so frustrated when the Tarot’s message isn’t as concrete as we’d like is because sometimes we automatically expect it to tell us something we already know “deep down.” Although this is true in a lot of cases, it’s by no means “law” and if you really want to understand how the Tarot works, you kind of have to expect the unexpected with what’s going to be revealed. It took me HOURS to finally figure out what my cards were trying to say, but when I did, it was like a weight had lifted off of my shoulders and I felt 10 times lighter. As a gifted reader once told me during a discussion about card interpretation, “The Tarot doesn’t necessarily tell us the truth we want to know at that time, but it DOES tell us the truth nonetheless. Even though it’s meant to be our guide, WE were meant to do the work.”

So, the next time you get “stuck” during a reading, don’t panic or get upset; just SRB, come back to the message, and with an immense load of compassion for yourself and the process in general, solve that puzzle 🙂


Image from Pixabay

Love and Light,

Jenna (Gypsy Rose)



2 thoughts on “Wait…What???”

  1. I thank you for sharing your experience! As a beginning tarot reader, I find myself here often. The “am I doing something wrong” or “this deck must be broken” thoughts are prevalent lol. This helps me so much, and I appreciate you for your insight.

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    1. You’re so welcome! It can be difficult when you expect one thing, but get another during a reading. I just have to keep reminding myself that the Tarot’s message is important and that we must learn how to crawl before we can walk, even if we know where we want to end up 🙂


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